Considerable increase vineyards in Gelderland

10/09/2009 15:00

In 2008, the number of vineyards in the Netherlands had increased by 13 relative to 2007; 11 new vineyards were situated in the province of Gelderland. The total number of vineyards in Gelderland was 28, as against only 2 half a decade ago.

81 winegrowers active in the Netherlands

In 2003, there were 30 vineyards in the Netherlands. Currently, there are 81 and with 28, Gelderland has the highest number of winegrowers followed by the provinces of Limburg with 15 and Overijssel with 10.

Vineyards, main provinces

Vineyards, main provinces

Average vineyard area 1.8 ha

The total area where wine grapes are grown has increased from 105 ha in 2007 to 143 ha in 2008. The average vineyard area covers 1.8 ha. With 31 ha, the largest expansion was recorded in Gelderland, followed by Limburg with 11 ha. The largest average grape-growing area per vineyard is found in Overijssel (2.2 ha).

Eastern provinces account for largest market share

The provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland together covered 56 percent of the entire grape-growing area in 2008, as opposed to 13 percent in 2003. This is mainly due to the area expansion in Gelderland. The share of the three provinces in the south of the Netherlands was reduced by half from nearly 70 to 35 percent over the same period.

Share grape-growing area, main provinces

Share grape-growing area, main provinces

Paul Oljans and Wiel Packbier