More funding for libraries

Dutch central, provincial and municipal government spent a total 633 million euro on libraries in 2007. This is 6 percent more than in 2006, and 50 percent more than in 1999.

Municipalities are the main contributors to library funding. Together they spent 458 million euro in 2007. This accounts for 72 percent of total government spending on libraries. Central government contributed 101 million euro (16 percent), and provincial authorities 59 million euro ((9 percent). Libraries received another 15 million euro ((2 percent) through collaborative agreements.

Government spending on libraries

Government spending on libraries


The largest part of the increase in spending on libraries in recent years is accounted for by investment in regenerating libraries. The aim of this investment is to make modernise and to professionalise libraries, and to match supply with user demand, for example by creating larger base libraries and provincial networks. This has made the coordinating role of provinces more important.

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