Business services providers less low-spirited

In August, providers of business services were less low-spirited than in previous months. The number of entrepreneurs expecting future turnover to decrease only just (by 2 percent) outnumbered those expecting an increase.

Providers of business services think that turnover has declined over the past three months. On balance, 3 out of 10 reported a decline. Cleaning service agencies constituted a positive exception and reported a turnover increase.

Business service providers were still very negative about employment in their branch in August. On balance, 25 percent of them expected to have to cut back on staff in the three months to come. The pessimistic mood among them improved marginally relative to last month, when 38 percent anticipated a decline. On balance, 40 percent of business service providers actually reported staff reductions over the past three months.

Providers of business services indicated that the economic climate has deteriorated further over the past three months, but compared to July fewer reported a downturn in their branch.

Expected turnover business services

Expected turnover business services