Unemployment approaches 5 percent

  • Unemployment up 78 thousand in the space of one year
  • Unemployed men account for more than three-quarters of the rise

According to new figures released by Statistics Netherlands, an average 386 thousand people in the Netherlands were unemployed in the period May-July 2009. This is the equivalent of 4.9 percent of the labour force. Twelve months earlier 4.0 percent of the labour force were unemployed. The present rate is at about the same level as at the beginning of 2007.

After seasonal adjustment, the number of unemployed came to 371 thousand in the period May-July 2009. This is the same as in the previous three-month period. As the figures are based on a sample survey, longer-term figures give a more reliable picture. In the last six months unemployment has risen by an average 11 thousand people a month.

Unemployment is 78 thousand higher than in the same period one year previously. Just over three-quarters of this increase was accounted for by men. Male unemployment rose by more than female unemployment across all age groups. In the youngest age group (15-24 years) almost the entire increase was even accounted for by men.