Retail turnover down

Dutch retailers faced 4 percent turnover loss in June relative to one year previously. Prices were nearly 1 percent lower. Retail turnover is affected by the number of shopping days and the holiday pattern. The pattern was more unfavourable in June 2009 than in June 2008. After an approximate correction for this effect, turnover was about 6 percent down on one year previously. This virtually equalled the reduction in May after correction for differences in the shopping day pattern.

Petrol station sales were reduced by 15 percent. Lower prices for fuel were the main cause for the decline.

Turnover of non-food shops was down by 7 percent. Turnover levels were reduced across all branches in this sector with the exception of chemist’s shops. With a 21 percent downturn, shops selling consumer electronics suffered the most substantial loss. Prices of articles in non-food shops were nearly 1 percent up on one year previously.

Sales in the food sector rose by 4 percent. Supermarkets entirely accounted for the increase. Food prices were more than 2 percent higher.

Retail turnover

Retail turnover