Hotel holidays gaining popularity

Eight in ten Dutch take a holiday at least once a year. The number of (online) hotel reservations through travel agencies is increasing.

Long holidays most popular

In 2008, more than 81 percent of Dutch took a domestic or foreign holiday at least once a year. Overr 41 percent only took a long holiday, nearly 34 percent took a short and a long holiday and nearly 7 percent only went on a short holiday.

Holidays by duration

Holidays by duration

Hotels popular during foreign holidays

More and more holiday travellers spend the night in hotels. Last year, 27 percent of short domestic holidays were spent in hotels, against 22 percent in 2002.

The proportion of people staying in hotels during foreign holidays is even higher. Last year, 36 percent of Dutch opted for this type of accommodation during long foreign holidays, as opposed to 27 percent in 2002. Hotels were also the favourite type of accommodation for 56 percent of short holiday travellers, against 51 percent in 2002.

Long holidays abroad by type of stay

Long holidays abroad by type of stay

With only 6 percent, the proportion of long domestic holiday travellers staying in hotels was relatively low; 38 percent of them preferred summer cottages and holiday bungalows. Caravans, folding trailers and camper vans accounted for 15 percent.

Travel agencies more important

Holidays are increasingly booked through travel agencies. Last year, 30 percent of Dutch holiday travellers booked their holidays (online) through travel agencies, as opposed to 20 percent in 2002.

Henk Swinkels