Selection of Statistics Netherlands releases in the period 13-17 July 2009 (Week 29).
Publication (in Dutch) at 9.30 hrs.

  Reporting period  
Monday 13 July   
Hospital admissions for skin cancer   2007  
Dragonflies in the Netherlands   2008  
Beer prices   June 2009  
Women firefighters   2009  
Tuesday 14 July   
International trade 1)   May 2009  
Wednesday 15 July   
Spending on disability benefits for young people   2008  
Household spending patterns   2008  
Foreign influence on Dutch business   2007  
Areas of arable farming   2009  
Thursday 16 July   
Retail turnover 1)   May 2009  
Friday 17 July   

1) Including Flash.  
NB:� The English translations of the releases are published at 15.00�hrs on the same day, or at 15.00�hrs on the following day.

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