Half of Dutch population has a DigiD

More than half the adult population of the Netherlands had an active DigiD on 1 July 2008.

DigiD: the digital log-in code

DigiD is a digital log-in code for Dutch government websites. Dutch citizens can use it to identify themselves when visiting the websites of, for example, the Tax Administration, the Institute for Employment Benefit Schemes, their municipality of residence, or any other institution using a DigiD log-in, such as health insurance companies. This makes it possible for citizens to submit their tax declarations online, or apply for a benefit or an allowance online.

People with an active DigiD by age and sex, 1 July 2008


Relatively many Surinamese women have DigiD

More than half – 54 percent – of the adult population in the Netherlands have a DigiD; for adults with a foreign background this is 45 percent.

Half of all people with a DigiD are women. Surprisingly, the number of native Dutch women with a DigiD is smaller than the number of native men. The opposite is the case for women with a Surinamese, Antillean, Aruban or other non-western background: they are more likely than men in these groups to have a DigiD.

People with an active DigiD by ethnic background and sex, 1 July 2008


More 65 year-old than 20 year-old men have a DigiD

The share of DigiD users among 65 year-old men is larger than among 19 to 25 year-old men. This peak, just as the one at age 18, is caused by the use of DigiD to apply for age-related allowances such as state old-age pension and study grants.

Rik Schürmann