Business services providers somewhat more pessimistic

25/06/2009 09:30

Providers of business services were slightly more pessimistic in June than they were in May. The number of business service providers expecting turnover to decline in the next three months clearly outnumbered those expecting an increase. On balance, 28 percent of business service providers expected to generate a lower turnover over the next three months. This is somewhat higher than in May.

Business service providers were pessimistic about future employment in their branch, just like in the preceding months. Overall, 34 percent of them expected to have to cut back on staff in the next three months. Both employment and turnover have declined in the past three months, according to the entrepreneurs.  

The negative mood about the economic climate over the past three months continued. Sentiment was less negative than in preceding months, however. Computer service providers and temp job agencies in particular were less pessimistic about the economic climate.

Expected turnover business services

Expected turnover business services