Retail turnover 3 percent down

  • Non-food shops book 5 percent less turnover
  • Supermarket turnover nearly 7 percent up 

Dutch retailers booked nearly 3 percent less turnover in April 2009 than in the same month last year. The decrease was completely accounted for by a decrease in volume; prices remained about the same. The composition of shopping days in April was slightly more favourable this year than last year.  After adjustment for this effect, turnover was about 4 percent lower than last year, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands.

Turnover in shops selling non-food items was down substantially in April. It fell by 5 percent compared with April last year. This decrease is in line with the figures for the first quarter of the year. Within non-food, shops selling consumer electronics, and furniture and home decor had a lower turnover in April than twelve months previously. Turnover falls on this branch were in double digits.

Shops in the food sector on the other hand booked a lot more turnover in April: nearly 7 percent. Turnover was boosted by the fact that Easter fell in April this year, versus March last year. Within the food sector, supermarkets realised the highest turnover growth rates. Specialist food shops booked slightly less turnover than twelve moths previously.

Petrol stations realised 15 percent less turnover than in April last year. Nearly all of this decrease was the result of lower fuel prices.