Selection of Statistics Netherlands releases in the period 25-29 May 2009 (Week 22).
Publication (in Dutch) at 9.30 hrs.

  Reporting period  
Monday 25 May   
Distance to nearest GP   2007  
New companies   2008  
Composition of household equity   2006  
Tuesday 26 May   
Producer confidence (business sentiment survey) 1)   May 2009  
Business sentiment survey (business services)    May 2009  
Wednesday 27 May   
Labour participation of over-55s   2001-2008  
Homeworkers   2008  
Sickness absence and working conditions   2008  
Thursday 28 May   
Turnover in hotels/restaurants   1st quarter 2009  
Consumer spending 1)   March 2009  
Friday 29 May   
Social benefits: income support   1st quarter 2009  
Temp agencies   1st quarter 2009  
Producers' prices   April 2009  
Business Cycle Tracer   May 2009  

1) Including flash.  
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