Trade with Argentina mainly concerns imports of fodder

In 2008, imports from Argentina were nearly six times as large as exports. The Netherlands mainly import cattle fodder, beef and fruit from Argentina. Imports have tripled in eight years and trade with Argentina currently accounts for 0.5 percent of total Dutch trade.

Food products make up two thirds of imports from Argentina

Last year, the value of Dutch imports from Argentina totalled 1.6 billion euro, a growth by 64 percent relative to 2007. Over two thirds of imports concerns food products, mainly cattle fodder. Other important imports products from Argentina are beef and fruit. Together, these three products account for nearly 60 percent of Dutch imports from Argentina.

Imports from Argentina 


Most important supplier of cattle fodder

Argentina is currently the Netherlands’ most important supplier of fodder before Germany and Brazil. The value of fodder imports amounted to nearly 3 billion euro last year. Argentina accounted for nearly one quarter.

Share countries in fodder imports, 2008


Exports to Argentina down

Exports to Argentina were worth 300 million euro, i.e. 24 percent down on 2007. In recent years, the value of exports has varied between 200 and 300 million euro. More than 40 percent of exports to Argentina concerns chemical products.

Wiel Packbier