Second-hand cars prices further down

23/04/2009 15:00

Since the summer of 2007, prices of used cars have fallen continuously. In 2007, prices dropped by nearly 1 percent, but in 2008 second-hand cars were nearly 5 percent cheaper than one year earlier. Prices dropped further in 2009. In March, second-hand cars were no less than 9 percent cheaper than a year ago.

An important reason for the price cut is the tax reduction on new passenger cars and motorcycles (BPM) introduced on 1 February 2008, making it more lucrative to buy a new car instead of a used one. Old cars have become less popular, resulting in lower prices. The BPM tax reduction has also made new cars cheaper since February 2008, but the price cut was less substantial than for used cars.

Second-hand cars prices

Second-hand cars prices

Peter Hein van Mulligen