Unemployment mounting

  • Unemployment higher than one year ago
  • Under-45 males hit hard by mounting unemployment

Statistics Netherlands reports that an average of 341 thousand persons (4.4 percent of the labour  force) were unemployed in the period January-March 2009.

Seasonally adjusted unemployment stood at 317 thousand in the period January–March 2009, an increase by 9 thousand relative to the previous three-monthly period. Since reaching its lowest level six months ago, unemployment has grown by 27 thousand.

For the first time in more than three years, unemployment has risen compared to one year previously. In the period January-March 2009, unemployment was 5 thousand higher than in the period Januari-March 2008. Men under the age of 45 entirely account for the increase. Unemployment in this age category grew by 31 thousand relative to the same period in the previous year. Unemployment among over-45 men and women, however, is still below the level of one year previously.