Exports to Turkey marginally higher

In 2008, the Netherlands exported nearly 4 billion euro worth of goods to Turkey, 2 percent more than in 2007. For the seventh year running, exports have grown. Since the turn of the century, exports have almost doubled, but imports from Turkey were 3 percent down on 2007. Imports of clothing decreased notably.

Trade with Turkey


Mainly computers exported to Turkey

Exports to Turkey make up 1 percent of total Dutch exports. A large part of exports to Turkey consists of computers and components manufactured in Asia and re-exported by the Netherlands to other European countries. Other important products exported to Turkey are metal waste, plastics, medicinal and pharmaceutical products and telecommunication devices.

Most important export products to Turkey in 2008


Mainly clothes imported from Turkey

Dutch imports totalled 332 billion euro last year. Imports from Turkey accounted for 1.6 billion euro last year. Clothes made up 32 percent. Fibres, vegetables and fruit are also important import products. Together, these three categories account for nearly half of Dutch imports from Turkey.

More than 7 percent of clothes imported into the Netherlands came from Turkey, making it the third largest import country for clothing after China and Germany. Turkey‘s share has gradually fallen since 2005. With 24 percent, China is the Netherlands‘ most important supplier of clothes. Since 1 January 2005, when import restrictions on Chinese textiles were lifted, China‘s share has risen by 5 percentage points.

Main import countries for clothing


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