Energy consumption down in 2008

Last year, energy consumption in the  Netherlands was marginally lower than in 2007. Despite the low temperatures, energy consumption dropped more than average in the fourth quarter.

Energy consumption, 2008

Petroleum consumption down

With 1279 PJ, consumption of crude oil was approximately 5 percent lower than in 2007. In manufacturing industry consumption of petroleum-based raw materials and products dropped by 8 percent, in the fourth quarter by no less than 30 percent, relative to the preceding year. Petroleum is the basic raw material for the manufacture of plastics.

Consumption of crude oil, coal and natural gas

Consumption of crude oil, coal and natural gas

Lower coal consumption

Annual coal consumption in the Netherlands was reduced by more than 6 percent to 334 PJ. Coal consumption in power stations was reduced by 5.5 percent, in manufacturing industry by 8.5 percent. In the sector manufacturing industry, the reduction entirely occurred in the fourth quarter. In this period, consumption of coal and coal-based products dropped from 25 to 17 PJ (- 32 percent).

Natural gas consumption, 2008

Natural gas consumption, 2008

More natural gas

Natural gas consumption was more than 4 percent higher in 2008, due to an increase in the sectors households, agriculture and services. As temperatures dropped in the first months of 2008 relative to the same period of 2007, natural gas consumption by these sectors was nearly 15 percent higher in the first quarter of 2008. 

The volume of natural gas used in power stations remained fairly stable over the first three quarters, but a huge reduction by nearly 10 percent in the fourth quarter resulted in an annual reduction by 2 percent. In manufacturing industry, natural gas consumption dropped only marginally.

Leendert Pleijsier