Unemployment marginally higher

  • Marginal increase for third month in a row
  • Unemployment still below the level of one year ago
  • Unemployment higher among men under the age of 45

According to the most recent figures released by Statistics Netherlands, unemployment over the period December 2008 - February 2009 averaged 314 thousand (4.1 percent of the labour force)

The seasonally adjusted unemployment figure for the period December 2008 - February 2009 was 306 thousand, i.e. 3 thousand up on the previous three-monthly period. As figures on unemployment are based upon a sample survey, more accurate figures can be achieved by monitoring over a longer period of time. In the last months of 2008, a period of many years of falling unemployment came to an end and unemployment rates began to rise. The period December 2008 - February 2009 is the third month in a row of rising unemployment.

Because unemployment will usually rise in this period, figures are adjusted for seasonal effects. Without correction for seasonal variation, unemployment rose by 16 thousand relative to the previous three-monthly period.

Unemployment over the period December 2008 – February 2009 is still 7 thousand lower than one year ago. Women entirely account for the decrease in unemployment by 26 thousand. Conversely, male unemployment rose by 19 thousand. Traditionally male-dominated segments of the labour market were hit disproportionally hard by the economic downturn. The growth of male unemployment is solely restricted to men under 45. Unemployment among male over-45s is still considerably lower than in the same period one year ago.