Turnover growth retail sector 1 percent

  • Lower turnover for non-food sector
  • Turnover increase after correction for shopping days

Retail turnover was 1.5 percent down in November relative to November  2007. The volume of turnover dropped by 4.1 percent, prices rose by 2.6 percent. Turnover was affected negatively by the unfavourable shopping-day pattern. After correction for the number of shopping days, turnover growth turned out to be approximately 1 percent, according to the latest figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

Across the non-food sector, turnover declined in November compared to the same month one year previously. Altogether, non-food turnover was reduced by 2.7 percent. Turnover volume decreased by 3.7 percent, prices increased by 1.0 percent. After correction for shopping days, turnover is still below the level of November 2007.

Turnover in the food sector hardly changed compared to one year ago. After adjustment for shopping days, turnover growth was about 5 percent. Prices mainly accounted for the turnover increase.