Considerable increase in expensive homes worth over one million euro

According to the Act on Property Assessment (WOZ), there were over 24.5 thousand houses in the Netherlands with a value of 1 million euro or more on 1 January 2008. This is an increase by 33 percent relative to one year previously. The average house value in the Netherlands rose from 217 to 233 thousand euro over the same period.

Most expensive houses found in North and South Holland

Nearly 10 thousand residential units worth 1 million euro or more are situated in the province of North Holland, as against over 6 thousand in the province of South Holland. Altogether, two thirds of houses with a WOZ value exceeding 1 million euro are found within these two provinces. Approximately 8 thousand houses in this price range are situated in The Hague, Amsterdam and Haarlem and surrounding areas.

Number of houses worth 1 million euro or more, 1 January 2008

Number of houses worth 1 million euro or more, 1 January 2008

Utrecht most expensive province

Utrecht comes in third place with respect to the amount of houses worth 1 million euro or more, but the average WOZ value of 271 thousand euro (on 1 January 2008) was the highest of all Dutch provinces. In the provinces of North Holland, Gelderland and North Brabant, the average WOZ value also exceeded the nationwide average. With 174 thousand euro, the province of Groningen had the lowest average house value.

Highest average WOZ value recorded in Bloemendaal

Houses in the municipality of Bloemendaal have the highest average WOZ value. On 1 January 2008, the WOZ value averaged 705 thousand euro, i.e. more than three times as high as the national average. The municipalities of Blaricum (593 thousand euro) and Laren (592 thousand euro) were in second and third place. With 133 and 135 thousand euro respectively, Reiderland and Heerlen were the municipalities with the lowest average WOZ value.

Houses by  WOZ value, 1 January 2008

Houses by  WOZ value, 1 January 2008

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