800 thousand adults have dental implants

13/01/2009 15:00

In the early 1980s, the technique of dental implantology was introduced into the Netherlands. Currently, over 800 thousand people aged 20 years and older ((6.6 percent of the Dutch population) have at least one tooth implant.

Over-50s more often have implants than young people. Men as often as women have dental implants. The only gender difference is found in the age category 20–29 where 6 percent of men have dental implants as against 3 percent of women.

Some 8 percent of people wearing a complete set of false teeth have dental implants. Most of them ((85 percent) have implants inserted in the lower jaw.

Persons with dental implants by age, 2007/2008
Persons with dental implants by age, 2007/2008