Providers of business services extremely pessimistic

Dutch providers of business services were extremely pessimistic in December. For the first time in more than five years, the number of business services providers expecting a decrease in turnover exceeded the number expecting an increase. On balance, 10 percent of the providers of business services expected to generate a lower turnover in the next three months. In November, a net 5 percent expected turnover growth.

In December, companies in business services  were more pessimistic about employment in their branch than one month previously. On balance, 16 percent  expected to have to lay off staff in the next three months, compared with 8 percent in November. 

Companies providing business services indicated that turnover increased in the last three months, and that employment in their branch remained stable. The mood with regard to the economic climate deteriorated substantially. On balance, 49 percent of business service providers labelled the economic climate as ‘highly unfavourable’ in December, compared with 38 percent in November.

As from December 2008, the index “opinions on the economic climate” is no longer the main topic. It has been replaced by “expected turnover”.

Expected turnover business services

Expected turnover business services