Less and less variety in shopping centres

02/12/2008 15:00

Shopping centres change continually: shops close, and others take their place in the same premises. In this process, the number of different types of shops to be found in shopping centres is decreasing.

Nijmegen city centre most diverse

There were 11 thousand neighbourhoods in the Netherlands in 2008; 8.4 thousand of these counted at least one retail outlet. In the 15 shopping neighbourhoods with the largest shop variety 73 types of shops were closed in the period 2004-2008. In their place 60 new types emerged.
The neighbourhood with the largest range of shop types is the city centre of Nijmegen (66). It took over the lead from Haarlem, that had been top of the list since 1996. 

Shop types in shopping neighbourhoods with largest variety

Shop types in shopping neighbourhoods with largest variety

More office stationers and repair shops

Newcomers in the top 15 shopping districts in the period 2004-2008 were mainly retailers of a general range of products, and office and school requirements, and bookstores. There were also more repair shops for clocks and watches, and for electrical household appliances.
Outlets that closed were mainly shops selling household appliances, handicraft shops, shops selling large electrical appliances, shops specialising in other construction materials and caravan dealers. Many stores in the latter two categories moved to locations where they have more space at their disposal, often towards city outskirts where land is cheaper.

Changes in shop types in 15 shopping centres, 2004-2008

Changes in shop types in 15 shopping centres, 2004-2008

Shopping districts in large cities not in the top 15

The city centres of the largest Dutch cities are not in the top 15 in terms of shop diversity. The city centres of these cities are often spread across more than one neighbourhood. The large cities also more often have several neighbourhoods with smaller shopping centres. Moreover, clusters of shop types are more common in large cities, such as furniture strips.

Hub Beunen