Manufacturing output down again

In September, the average daily output of Dutch manufacturing industry was almost 2 percent down on twelve months previously. Manufacturing output already showed a downward trend in July and August. This summer decrease was preceded by an increase in the first six months of this year, when production rose by 1 percent on average.

Compared with September 2007, output decreased in almost all branches of industry. Output only increased in food processing and the manufacturing of wood and building materials.

Seasonally adjusted figures provide a more reliable picture of short-term production developments. Monthly figures not adjusted for seasonal effects are often somewhat erratic. Therefore, the two-monthly average compared with the previous two-monthly average is a more accurate indicator. After correction for seasonal effects and the number of working days, manufacturing output declined by nearly 2 percent over the period August–September compared with June–July.

The article Growth manufacturing output slackening provides additional information on the position of manufacturing industry within the Dutch economy.

Manufacturing output

Manufacturing output