To obtain a residence permit on the grounds of the pardon regulation, asylumseekers must fulfil the following conditions:
a. They must have filed their first application for asylum before the Immigration Act of 2000 came into effect (1 April 2001);
b. They must have lived in the Netherlands continuously since 1 April 2001.
c. All current procedures must have been terminated.

Asylumseekers are not eligible for a residence permit in the following cases: 
a. They pose a threat to the public order or national security, or
b. They have committed a crime against humanity or a war crime (section 1F of the Refugee Convention), or
c. They have a temporary residence permit other than a permit as referred to under the regulation, or 
d. They are a national citizen of a member state of the European Union, or the European Economic Area, or
e. They have submitted different identities or nationalities in different procedures, about which a court of law has determined that these are not credible.