State of health

In the survey people are interviewed about their general state of health. There are five possible answers:
1. excellent
2. good
3. mediocre
4. poor
5. very poor

People who evaluated their physical condition as 'mediocre', 'poor' or 'very poor' are considered less healthy.

Data are based upon the POLS survey, an annual sample survey conducted among approximately 10 thousand people of all ages. People living in homes and institutions are excluded from the survey. As the figures are based on a sample survey, the results are subject to a margin of error.

The size of the margin is shown in the standard error, included in the StatLine database (see source link). The margin provides information on the accuracy of the estimate. The standard error partly depends on the size of the sample. The estimate is more accurate, if the standard error is smaller.

The figures in this article have been standardised, i.e. regionally adjusted for age and gender of the entire population, excluding people living in homes and institutions.