Dutch consumers prefer low-calorie drinks

The per capita consumption of light soft drinks in the Netherlands was 30 litres last year, approximately the same as in 2006. The current health trend generates a growing demand for low-calorie drinks and light soft drinks have indeed gained popularity in recent years: since 2000, the per capita consumption of light drinks has increased by nearly three quarters.

Since the turn of the century, the consumption of mineral water in the Netherlands has also increased and rose by almost one third to 22 litres in 2007. The volume of fruit juices consumed per person increased only marginally over the same period to 27 litres in 2007.

The annual consumption of ‘regular’ (sugar-containing) soft drinks, on the other hand, continues to decline: from 80 litres per person in 2000 to 66 litres in 2007. Yet, regular soft drinks were by far the most popular drinks in 2007.

Consumption of soft drinks, mineral waters and fruit juices