Selection of Statistics Netherlands releases in the period 28 July-1 August 2008 (Week 31).
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  Reporting period  
Monday 28 July   
Life expectancy   2007  
Children of unmarried parents   2007  
Expenditure by businesses on students in vocational education   2006  
Dividents paid   first half year 2008  
Tuesday 29 July   
Business sentiment survey (business services)    July 2008  
Consumer confidence survey 1)   July 2008  
Producer confidence (business sentiment survey) 1)   July 2008  
Wednesday 30 July   
Farms with a social care function   2007  
Choice of study profiles by highschool girls (havo 4)   2007-2008  
Cattle iImports   Jan.-April 2008  
Thursday 31 August   
Business Cycle Tracer   July 2008  
Producers' prices   June 2008  
Friday 1 August   

1) Including Flash.  
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