Manufacturing turnover considerably higher

Manufacturing turnover increased by 14 percent in April, compared with April 2007. In March this year turnover grew by 3 percent. Turnover growth in April was achieved with two extra working days relative to one year previously, while March 2008 was two working days down on March last year. The positive effect of the two extra working days in April is estimated at 5 percent. 

More than half of April’s turnover increase was due to higher selling prices. In the petroleum and chemical industries and in food processing, higher prices for raw materials pushed up consumer prices.

With 20 percent, the food processing industry turnover improved by most. In the oil refining and chemical industry and the metal industry turnover improved by 14 percent. In textiles, turnover was almost equal to April 2007 after an uninterrupted period of five months of turnover losses.

Turnover growth on the domestic and foreign market was about the same.

Manufacturing turnover

Manufacturing turnover