Consumption of renewable energy stable

A revised version of this article has been published on 24 April 2008.

Dutch consumption of renewable energy levelled off in 2007. Just like in the previous year, 2.8 percent of total Dutch energy was generated by renewable energy sources. Consumption of renewable energy had increased substantially between 2003 and 2006. The Dutch government has set a target of 5 percent in 2010 mounting to 20 percent in 2020.

Consumption of renewable energy


More wind energy

Approximately 0.9 percent of the total energy supply in 2007 was generated by wind turbines, an increase by one quarter relative to 2006. 

Less biomass combusted in power stations

With a contribution of 1.8 percent, biomass is still the main source of renewable energy. The use of biomass diminished by approximately 10 percent, as combustion of biomass in power stations was almost reduced by half. The main causes for the reduction are subsidy cuts and the public discussion on the sustainability of biomass.

More biomass used in cars

The reduction of biomass combustion in power stations is largely set off by an increased consumption of biofuels processed from biomass in road traffic. Since 2007, motor fuel suppliers are legally obliged to mix 2 percent of biofuels into traditional motor fuels, like petrol and diesel. The target set for 2010 is 5.75 percent.

Reinoud Segers