Turnover sector hotels and restaurants up by 5 percent

In 2007, turnover of the sector hotels and restaurants was again distinctly higher than in the previous year. Turnover increased by 5 percent, just like in 2006. Turnover volume grew by 2 percent in 2007, the average price increase was 3.3 percent. Volume growth was more modest reIative to 2006, price increases were higher. Hotels realised the largest volume growth in 2007. Pubs and winebars recorded a modest turnover growth, according to the most recent figures published by Statistics Netherlands.

Hotels realise higest turnover growth

Hotels made the most significant contribution to turnover growth in their sector. Hotels recorded a turnover growth of nearly 7 percent compared to last year, mainly on account of business spending.

Snack bars, cafeterias and fastfood outlets achieved a 5.8 percent higher turnover, turnover of restaurants grew by 5.6 percent; both growth figures are above average.

Consumption down in pubs

Turnover growth of pubs and winebars lagged behind, chiefly due to declining sales. Turnover volume was 1.6 procent down on one year ago. Pubs and winebars achieved a modest turnover growth of 1.8 percent, only because prices went up by 3.5 percent

Turnover growth levels off in latter half of 2007

Turnover growth in the sector hotels and restaurants was cut by more than half over the last two quarters of 2007 compared to the first two quarters. Turnover growth of snack bars, cafetarias and fastfood outlets dropped dramatically: in the first two quarters, turnover grew by 11 percent, whereas in the latter half of 2007, growth hardly exceeded 1 percent. Hotels stood out, realising the second best result of the entire sector in the fourth quarter of 2007.