Number of job vacancies still at record level

12/02/2008 15:00

The number of job vacancies remained at its record level in the fourth quarter of 2007. At the end of December, 236 thousands jobs were vacant, just as many as at the end of the third quarter. The data have been corrected for seasonal effects.

Compared with the end of December 2006, the number of job vacancies was 19 thousand higher at the end of December 2007. Companies with 100 or more employees had 17 thousand more vacant jobs and medium-seized companies 3 thousand more. The number of vacant jobs at small businesses decreased somewhat however, compared with the end of December 2006.

The labour market was slightly more dynamic than twelve months previously. In the fourth quarter of 2007, 244 thousand new vacancies were created, 3 thousand more than twelve months previously. The number of filled vacancies was 243 thousand in the fourth quarter, 4 thousand up on one year previously.

Job vacancies, seasonally adjusted

Job vacancies, seasonally adjusted