House prices up 4.1 percent

In December 2007, prices of existing owner-occupied homes were 4.1 percent higher than twelve months previously. This price increase is at about the same level as the average increase in the four preceding years. In 2007 3.5 percent fewer existing homes were sold than in 2006, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. 

Prices up most in North Holland and Utrecht

House prices rose by most in the province of North Holland. Selling prices were an average 7.2 percent higher in December than twelve months previously. In the province of Utrecht, too, prices rose by more than average: 6.1 percent.

Prices lower than in November

House prices were on average 0.4 percent lower in December than in November 2007. Only in the province of Utrecht did they remain at about the same level. In the other provinces prices fell. Prices of detached houses were the main reason for this. Prices in this category fell by 2.9 percent, the largest decrease in the last thirteen years,

Fewer homes sold

In 2007, 202 thousand existing owner-occupied homes were sold to private persons. This is 3.5 percent fewer than in 2006, when 210 thousand homes changed hands. The number of homes sold fell in all provinces. The decrease was largest in Drenthe: 8.4 percent. In South Holland the decrease was only 0.9 percent.

Substantial drop in sales of terraced houses

Sales of terraced houses were just overr 9 percent down in 2007 on 2006. On the other hand, more flats and detached houses were sold: 3.7 and 2.7 percent more respectively.