Unemployment further down

In the period October-December 2007, the seasonally adjusted unemployment figure stood at 314 thousand, i.e. 6 thousand down on the period September–November. Over the last six months, the number of unemployed fell by an average of 7 thousand a month.

Compared to the period October-December 2006, unemployed was reduced by 76 thousand. The most substantial decrease occurred among 25 to 44-year-olds. Unemployment also declined among young people and over-45s. Female unemployment decreased more than male unemployment.

In the period October–December 2007, an average of 4.0 percent of the total Dutch labour force were unemployed, as against 5.0 percent in the same period the year before. The unemployment rate for women was obviously higher than for men: 5.0 percent and 3.2 percent respectively. In the past months, the unemployment gap between men and woman has narrowed.

In 2007, the total number of unemployed averaged 344 thousand. This is almost 70 thousand down on 2006. Unemployment declined across the board. The decline is as large as the decline of 2006 relative to 2005.

Unemployment, seasonally adjusted

Unemployment, seasonally adjusted