Reintegration programme with wage costs subsidy

Municipal authorities have a variety of possibilities at their disposal to facilitate the reintegration process, e.g. wage costs subsidy. A wage costs subsidy is granted to employers prepared to offer participants of municipal reintegration projects a regular employment contract. The employer temporarily receives a subsidy. In addition to a wage costs subsidy, municipal authorities can grant extra facilities.

Since 2004, municipal authorities can grant wage costs subsidies. Prior to 2004, the Jobseekers Employment Act (WIW) and Job Access and Promotion Act (ID-jobs) prevailed. Subsidised ID-jobs sought to promote reintegration of long-term unemployed, young people and benefit recipients. This goal is achieved by work experience positions and positions in the non-profit sector. This type of job subsidy was discontinued in 2004. Persons who were working in subsidised jobs prior to 2004 and still held their job by the end of June 2007, were included in the category participants in a ‘reintegration programme with wage costs subsidy’, although they still held subsidised jobs.

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