Revised version: Schedule

Selection of Statistics Netherlands releases in the period 17-21 December 2007 (Week 51).
Publication (in Dutch) at 9.30 hrs.

  Reporting period  
Monday 17 December   
Educational level     
Jobs of school drop-outs     
Education expenditure     
Labour market position of graduates     
Tuesday 18 December   
Unemployment 1)   Sep.-Nov. 2007  
Wednesday 19 December   
Consumer spending 1)   October 2007  
Building permits     
Trade deficit for travel sector     
Pensions in the Netherlands and Europe     
Efficiency improvements in Dutch economy     
Thursday 20 December   
Economic growth (2nd estimate) 1)   3rd quarter 2007  
Friday 21 December   
Business Cycle Tracer (update)   December 2007  
Consumer confidence survey 1)   December 2007  
Producer confidence 1)   December 2007  
Producers' prices   November 2007  

1) Including Flash.  
NB:� The English translations of the releases are published at 15.00�hrs on the same day, or at 15.00�hrs on the following day.