Consumption continues to grow fast

In October 2007 households spent 2.8 percent more on goods and services than in October 2006. Expenditure on goods rose fastest, by 3.5 percent, while expenditure on services rose by 2.3 percent, according to figures by Statistics Netherlands.

Sharp increase in expenditure on food

Consumer spent 3.5 percent more on food, beverages and tobacco than in October 2006. This is the greatest increase in 18 months. Expenditure on durable goods remained high, with a growth rate of 4.5 percent. Consumers spent more on clothing and consumer electronics in particular.

Robust growth

Household consumption has seen continuous growth since the start of 2005. During the first six months of 2007 households spent considerably less on gas than in the corresponding period of 2006. This caused a dip of almost 1 percent point in the growth rate of consumption. By summer this negative effect had run its course and consumption returned to the 2006 growth rate level.