Substantially more turnover for super markets

In October 2007 Dutch retail trade realised a turnover that was 6.2 percent higher than a year earlier. Super markets saw a particularly large increase. Dutch retail mainly sold more products. The volume of the turnover was up by 5.0 percent. The prices rose by 1.2 percent. Turnover developments were influenced positively by the favourable shopping day pattern in October 2007. After correcting for this effect turnover saw a growth rate of about 4 percent.

Over 9 percent growth rate in turnover for supermarkets 

This year the turnover of supermarkets in October was over 9 percent higher than in October 2006. This is because there was a volume increase of 7 percent. Moreover consumers had to spend about 2 percent more on their shopping. Bread, dairy products and fresh vegetables were more expensive than in 2006. Food prices in October 2007 were substantially higher than in September 2007.

Turnover non-food sector continues to grow

The turnover of non-food was more than 5 percent up on October 2006. All observed branches in the non-food sector saw an increase in turnover. The largest turnover increase was observed in drugstores where turnover was up by almost 8 percent. In September 2007 the drugstores still had a loss in turnover compared to the previous year.