Very little confectionery imported from Spain

04/12/2007 15:00

In 2006 214 million kilograms of confectionery was imported into the Netherlands, representing a total value of 608 million euro. Only 1.5 percent of this confectionery – mostly boiled sweets - comes from Spain, the traditional residence of St Nicholas, who dispenses sweets and presents to Dutch children around this time of year.

Most confectionery consumed in the Netherlands comes from Belgium and Germany. In 2006 these two countries together accounted for more than 60 percent of the total Dutch confectionery imports. The Belgians supply mainly chocolate, marzipan and bonbons, while the Dutch import mainly chocolate, bonbons, sweets and caramel toffee from Germany.

Overall, half of all confectionery imported into the Netherlands consists of chocolate. Chocolate is thus by far the most popular confectionery in the Netherlands. Sweets and bonbons also account for a large part of Dutch confectionery imports (about 10 percent each).

Dutch confectionery imports, 2006

Dutch confectionery imports, 2006