Fully disabled

Fully disabled persons are declared unfit for work for at least 80 percent and are entitled to a disability benefit. In 2005, there were three types of disability benefits:
general disability benefit (WAO) disability benefit for self-employed (WAZ) and benefit for people disabled at an early age (Wajong) The degree of disability is assessed by the Dutch Social Security Agency (UWV).

This survey only covers people who are fully disabled and entered into the municipal register of a Dutch municipality. Secondly, they should be members of a private household. Information on disabled and the various degrees of disablement are based on the Social Statistical Database (SSB). Information on paid work, including jobs of less than 12 hours a week, are taken from the Labour Force Survey (EBB).

In 2005, very few people received benefits according to the new disability legislation, i.e. the Act on Work and Income according to Labour Capacity (WIA). The WIA became effective on 29 December 2005 to replace the WAO. The WAO is still effective for people who became disabled prior to 1 January 2004.

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