Moderate turnover results for sector hotels and restaurants in summer

Preliminary figures by Statistics Netherlands show that the sector hotels and restaurants generated a 2.7 percent turnover increase in the third quarter of 2007 relative to one year ago. The turnover increase is considerably more moderate than in previous quarters. For the first time in nine quarters, the volume of sales was down on one year previously. Prices in the sector rose by 3.2 percent. Hotels en restaurants achieved far better results than pubs and snack bars. 

Summer weather has downward effect on turnover results pubs and snack bars

Snack bars realised a poor turnover growth by 0.3 percent in the third quarter, pubs actually faced a turnover loss of 0.2 percent. Prices of products sold in pubs and snack bars rose by nearly 4 percent. The volume of sales in pubs and snack bars – on the other hand – declined by 3.8 and 3.5 percent respectively.

Turnover growth hotels and restaurants sector nearly 5 percent

Turnover results for hotels were nearly 5 percent up on one year previously in the third quarter. Turnover growth was more or less the same as in the previous quarter. With a 4.5 percent turnover growth, restaurants also performed better than pubs and snack bars. Turnover volume increased by nearly 2 percent.