More financial compensation for former suspects

13/11/2007 15:00

In 2006, former suspects were awarded compensation to the amount of over 17 million euro, a 31 percent increase relative to 2005. The average amount as well as the number of claims for compensation increased.

More compensations and more money involved

A suspect who is not convicted can claim financial compensation for wrongful detention and legal costs. Last year, 6.7 thousand claims for financial compensation were submitted, 17 percent more than in 2005. In over half of cases, the former suspects claimed compensation for legal costs.

Compensations awarded and overall amount involved

Compensations awarded and overall amount involved

Over 17 million euro awarded

The number of compensation claims awarded grew by 19 percent to nearly 6 thousand last year; 58 percent were claims for compensation of legal costs. Altogether, an amount of 17.2 million was awarded, an increase by 31 percent relative to 2005.

Average amount awarded varies little

In 2006, the average amount awarded to claimants was nearly 2,900 euro, 10 percent more than in 2005. In recent years, the average compensation amount has varied from 2,600 euro in 2005 to nearly 4,000 euro in 2002.
The ratio between the number of compensations for wrongful detention and for legal costs have remained fairly equal throughout the years.

Average amount awarded

Average amount awarded

Nynke de Lange