Selection of Statistics Netherlands releases in the period 12-16 November 2007 (Week 46).
Publication (in Dutch) at 9.30 hrs.

  Reporting period  
Monday 12 November   
Food prices     
Damages awarded to former suspects     
Dividend payments by companies     
Tuesday 13 November   
Economic growth (1st estimate) 1)   3rd quarter 2007  
Wednesday 14 November   
Retail turnover 1)   September 2007  
Educational levels of income support claimants     
Income support dependants     
Income support debts     
Beer: production, exports and consumption     
Thursday 15 November   
Job vacancies 1)   3rd quarter 2007  
Unemployment 1)   Aug.-Oct. 2007  
Environment   2006  
International trade 1)   September 2007  
People who want to work     
Friday 16 November   

1) Including flash.  
NB:� The English translations of the releases are published at 15.00�hrs on the same day, or at 15.00�hrs on the following day.