Robust growth supermarket sales

According to the most recent figures published by Statistics Netherlands, retail turnover grew 2.6 percent in August 2007 relative to the same month last year. Supermarkets in particular performed well. The increase in the volume of sales largely accounts for the good results. Price rises were moderate.

Considerable increase turnover food sector

The food sector realised a turnover growth of 6.6 percent in August 2007 relative to August 2006. The growth is chiefly attributable to supermarkets, which realised a 7.2 percent turnover growth. Supermarkets also achieved good results in August last year. Sales of specialised shops in food, drinks and tobacco grew 3.3 percent.

The results in the food sector were affected positively in August 2007 by the number of shopping days compared to the same month one year previously. After correction for shopping days, a distinct turnover growth by approximately 4 percent still remains.

Turnover non-food shops stable

Turnover in the non-food sector varied little in August relative to twelve months ago. Textile supermarkets and clothes shops faced turnover losses.