Fewer cold-loving animals due to climate change

The global climate change also affects Dutch nature. Exotic plants and animals from the southern regions are introduced in the Netherlands and the seasonal rhythm of plants and animals also changes: various species of birds tend to brood earlier in the season and some species of plants bloom prematurely.

Environmental effects

If the climate change continues, environmental conditions for cold-loving species in the Netherlands will become increasingly unfavourable causing them to be reduced in numbers and eventually disappear altogether. Warmth-loving species will meet more favourable conditions and grow in numbers. This applies to, for example, breeding birds, reptiles, amphibians, day butterflies and dragonflies.

Cold and warmth-loving species

Cold and warmth-loving species

This trend is an on-going process. From 1990 onwards, the average index of cold-loving species has decreased and the index of warmth-loving species has slightly risen.

Lodewijk van Duuren and Bianca Nijhof (Alterra)