Considerable growth manufacturing turnover

In July, Dutch manufacturing turnover was 13 percent up on July 2006. July’s turnover increase amply exceeded June’s 6 percent growth rate. This is the second time a double-digit growth rate was recorded this year. Turnover increased in all branches of industry.

Increased sales accounted for three quarters of turnover growth; price rises accounted for approximately one quarter. The number of working days and holidays was also different from July 2007, contributing about 1 percent to turnover growth. 

Manufacturing turnover on the foreign market grew 14 percent. All branches of industry achieved better results. Turnover on the domestic market rose by over 11 percent. Turnover increased across all branches, except in textiles, clothes and leather.

In the first six months of 2007, manufacturing turnover increased by 8 percent, relative to the same period last year. Turnover growth on the domestic market virtually equalled the increase on the foreign market.

Turnover industry

Turnover industry