Unemployment decreases at a slower rate

According to the most recent figures published by Statistics Netherlands, the number of unemployed  averaged 363 thousand in the period May-July 2007. This corresponds to 4.7 percent of the total Dutch labour force, as against 5.5 percent one year previously.

After correction for seasonal variations, unemployment averaged 356 thousand in the period May-July 2007. Over the past six months, the declining trend in unemployment slowed down to 3 thousand a month.

Unemployment over the past six months 20 thousand down

In the period May-July unemployment tends to rise. Pupils and students enter the labour market looking for (holiday) jobs. Seasonally adjusted unemployment over the period May-July 2007 averaged 356 thousand, 6 thousand more than in the period April-June.
As the figures are based on a sample survey, more reliable results can be achieved by monitoring unemployment over a longer period. Compared to six months ago, unemployment declined by 20 thousand, i.e. an average drop of 3 thousand a month. The rate of decline has slowed down. In the six months between October-December 2006 and April-June 2007, unemployment declined by 6 thousand a month.

25 to 44-year-olds largely account for decrease in unemployment

In the period May-July 2007, unemployment was reduced by 53 thousand relative to one year previously. People in the 25-44 age bracket almost entirely accounted for the decline. In this age category, unemployment dropped by 47 thousand in the course of one year. This resulted in an unemployment rate of 3.4 percent, the lowest figure in the last five years. In the over-45 age group, unemployment was reduced by 11 thousand to 124 thousand. Among 15 to 24-year-olds, on the other hand, unemployment rose by 5 thousand to 105 thousand relative to one year ago.

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