Lower growth for manufacturing turnover

In June, Dutch manufacturing turnover was 6 percent up on the same month in 2006. The turnover increase in manufacturing industry somewhat lags behind the turnover increase in April and May. Approximately the half of the turnover increase was attributable to higher sales, the other part to higher selling prices.

Turnover increased in all branches of industry. With 10 percent, the most substantial turnover increase was recorded in the wood and building materials industry. In the nine months before, turnover of basic metals and manufactured metal products has been in the double digits, making it the most successful branch within manufacturing industry.  

Turnover on the foreign market grew nearly by 5 percent in June, the lowest growth in eighteen months. Turnover on the domestic market was 8 percent up. The most substantial turnover increase was recorded in the metal industry.

In the first six months of 2007, manufacturing turnover increased by 8 percent relative to the same period last year. Turnover growth on the domestic and foreign market was virtually the same.

Turnover industry

Turnover industry