International trade 6 percent up

After adjustment for working days, the volume of imports and exports of goods was 6 percent up in April 2007 relative to April 2006. The growth of international trade was less substantial than in the first quarter, when trade volume grew by 8 percent.

Import prices were 1 percent higher. Export prices were about the same as in April 2006.

With 26.7 billion euro, the value of goods exports was more than 7 percent higher than one year previously. The value of imports increased by 8 percent to 24.2 billion euro, resulting in a trade surplus of 2.5 billion euro, which is significantly below the record surplus of 4.2 billion euro recorded in March.

Imports from EU countries increased more than imports from countries outside the EU. With respect to exports, trade with non-EU countries grew more than trade with EU countries. This was also the case in the first quarter.

Trade in chemical products intensified; imports rose by 26 percent, exports by 13 percent. Imports of raw materials also rose considerably in April by 25 percent. Trade in various manufactured goods (e.g. clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.) dropped.

Goods exports (volume)

Goods exports (volume)