Favourable turnover figures for manufacturing industry

07/06/2007 15:00

In April, Dutch manufacturing turnover was 10 percent up on the same month in 2006. Just as in the preceding months, better sales largely account for the higher turnover. Marginally higher selling prices had a modest impact on manufacturing turnover.

Turnover increased in all branches of industry. With 17 percent, the most substantial turnover increase was recorded in the metal industry. Turnover of basic metals and manufactured metal products has been in the double digits for eight months running, making it the most successful branch within manufacturing industry.

Turnover on the foreign market grew by 11 percent in April. The most substantial turnover increase was recorded in the textile industry, the metal industry and the sector paper, printing and publishing. Turnover on the domestic market was 8 percent up.

Turnover industry

Turnover industry