Manufacturing expects hefty rise in investment

The spring 2007 estimates by manufacturers show that they expect to invest much more this year than in 2006. They expect a 19 percent increase on 2006 in the value of capital goods to become operational in 2007.

Manufacturers are far more optimistic this spring than in last autumn, when they foresaw an increase of only 9 percent. Anyway, it is not unusual for companies to adjust their expectations as time goes by, as they gain insight in delaying, postponing or stepping up their expected investment projects. 

The prospects for 2007 mean that investments in the manufacturing industry rise again. In 2006, the investment level was about the same as in 2005. For 2007, all entrepreneurs in manufacturing are optimistic about investments. Companies in the metal and electrical engineering are the most optimistic. They expect to invest 35 percent more in 2007 than in 2006. 

Investments by manufacturing companies (2007 based on expectations)

Investments by manufacturing companies (2007 based on expectations